Generating Asset Valuation and Appraisal Experience Summary

Representative generating asset valuation and appraisal engagements include:


Asset Asset Type Fuel
A.B. Brown Steam Turbine Coal
AES Cayuga Steam Turbine Coal
Ashtabula Steam Turbine Coal
Bailly Generating Station Steam Turbine/Natural Gas Turbine Coal/Natural Gas
Bay Shore Steam Turbine/Gas Turbine Distillate/Pet Coke
Beaver Valley Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear
Bowline Generating Station Steam Turbine Natural Gas
Broadway Avenue Steam Turbine Coal
Bruce Mansfield Steam Turbine Coal
Davis Besse Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear
Eagle Valley Steam Turbine Coal
Eastlake Steam Turbine Coal
Garvins Falls Hydraulic Turbine Water
Georgetown Gas Turbine Natural Gas
Harding Street Generating Station Steam Turbine/Gas Turbine Coal
Jackson Power Combined Cycle Natural Gas
Lake Shore Steam Turbine Coal
Maine Energy Recovery Steam Turbine Solid Waste
Merrimack Station Steam Turbine Coal
Michigan City Generating Station Steam Turbine Coal/Natural Gas
Newington Station Steam Turbine Natural Gas/Residual Fuel
Norway Hydraulic Turbine Water
Oakdale Hydraulic Turbine Water
Oswego Generating Station Steam Turbine Solid waste
Perry Boiling Water Reactor Nuclear
Petersburg Steam Turbine Coal
Pittsfield Generating Station Combined Cycle Natural gas
R.E. Burger Internal Combustion Distillate
R.M. Schahfer Steam Turbine Coal
Sugar Creek Combined cycle Natural Gas
W.H. Sammis Steam Turbine Coal
Waterford III Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear
Yards Creek Pumped Storage Water


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