Concentric Announces Team Promotions

Published: January 26, 2023

Concentric is proud to announce several significant team member promotions:

Joshua Nowak was promoted to Vice President. Joshua is a testifying expert on cost of capital matters and lead-lag studies in support of cash working capital requirements.  

Peter Blazunas was promoted to Senior Project Manager. Peter is a testifying expert on rate design as it relates to multiyear rate plans and transportation electrification programs.  

Amanda Nori was promoted to Senior Project Manager. Amanda is a depreciation professional with more than ten years of nuanced experience in the field of depreciation.  

Colin Burns was promoted to Project Manager. Colin is an experienced member of the depreciation team and supports depreciation studies for clients in Canada and the US.  

Bryan Hu was promoted to Consultant. Bryan specializes in financial models related to return on equity, revenue requirements, and market power studies. 

Clara-Ann Joyce was promoted to Consultant. Clara-Ann is involved in engagements covering energy efficiency, utility operations, and M&A due diligence.  

Tara Mou was promoted to Consultant. Tara has experience in utility rate design, energy efficiency, alternative rate mechanisms, and performance benchmarking. 

Pieter Zwart was promoted to Consultant. Pieter has supported engagements related to utility demand forecasting, energy efficiency, resource planning, revenue requirement, and cost of service studies. 

Jack Gross was promoted to Senior Analyst. Jack has recently supported engagements related to strategic M&A support and the fair market valuation of assets. 

Hilary Gardner was promoted to Director of Human Resources. Hilary’s accomplishments include completing an in-depth compensation analysis and implementing a new recruitment applicant tracking and onboarding system to streamline hiring. 

“During this crucial period in the energy industry, our clients are faced with pivotal decisions regarding their core business models,” said John J. Reed, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Concentric. “This team of dedicated professionals further enhances Concentric’s dynamic ability to provide insightful, rigorous, and pragmatic advisory services to clients throughout the energy industry.”  

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