Concentric Reaffirms Position That There is No Basis to Expand Transmission Solicitations at This Time

In a June 2019 report authored by Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc. (the “Concentric Report”)  for Ameren, Eversource Energy, ITC Holdings Corp., National Grid USA, and PSE&G (the “Client Group”), Concentric reviewed claims made by the Brattle Group (“Brattle”) in an April 2019 report (the “Brattle Report”) commissioned by LSP Transmission Holdings, LLC that transmission solicitations held in the U.S. have produced significant savings and that solicitations should be expanded. The Concentric Report concluded that the Brattle Report’s savings estimates were methodologically flawed and that the Brattle Report provided no basis to expand solicitations for transmission projects at this time.

In August 2019, Brattle released a response to the Concentric Report (the “Brattle Response”). Concentric has reviewed this response and determined that it offers no substantive new information. Concentric and the Client Group stand by and reaffirm the Concentric Report’s conclusions that there is no basis for the Brattle Report’s claim that transmission solicitations have saved between 18-60%, or that solicitations should be expanded to include between 25% or 33% of all transmission investment in the United States.

Specifically, Concentric and the Client Group reaffirm the following issues with using the Brattle Report as a basis for expanding transmission solicitations:

In conclusion, Concentric and the Client Group stand by our evaluation of the available data and continue to believe that there is no basis to expand transmission solicitations at this time.  Please email to get in touch with the authors of the Concentric Report.

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