Kenneth A. Sosnick


Cost allocation, Cost of capital and return on equity, Cost of service studies (marginal and embedded), Rate design, Regulatory policy, Regulatory strategy

Kenneth A. Sosnick

Senior Project Manager

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Summary of Experience

Kenneth A. Sosnick, Senior Project Manager, has 15 years of experience with natural gas, electric and oil industry matters before FERC. During Ken’s 10 years at FERC, he spent two years as an auditor in OE, and eight years as an expert witness and one of the lead technical staff negotiators on major interstate natural gas pipeline, oil pipeline, and electric utility proceedings in OAL. Ken’s insights were incorporated into the revision of the FERC Form 2 in Docket No. RM07‐9‐000, which lead to the FERC-initiated Section 5 proceedings from 2009 to today.

Ken has concentrated on natural gas pipeline and oil/product pipeline cost of service rates, levelized rates, incremental vs. rolled‐in project costs, initial certificate rates, allocation of corporate overhead costs, master‐limited partnership income taxes, throughput/system rate design quantities, cost allocation and rate design, product pipeline pro-rationing policies, fuel recovery mechanisms, extraordinary events surcharge trackers, NGA Section 5 rate proceedings, depreciation rate calculations, Return on Equity calculations under Discounted Cash Flow methodology as well as electric formula rates and Order No. 1000 cost allocations.

Ken’s clients have included producers, LDCs, municipals, state regulatory agencies, natural gas marketers, ad hoc shipper groups and natural gas pipelines.  Ken’s assisted clients who utilize Southern Star Central Pipeline, Sea Robin Pipeline, HIOS Pipeline, Williston Basin Pipeline, Florida Gas Transmission, Gulf South Pipeline, Alliance Pipeline, KO Transmission, ANR Pipeline, Columbia Gulf Pipeline, Natural Gas Pipeline Company of America, Great Lakes Gas Transmission, Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company and Colonial Pipeline. In addition to these pipeline proceedings, Ken was a panelist for the Liquid Shippers Group in Docket No. RM15-19-000 seeking revisions to the FERC Form 6 Page 700.

Ken currently teaches an executive day-and-a-half FERC Natural Gas 101 course for EUCI and has previously taught at the New Mexico State University Center for Public Utilities Practical and Regulatory Training for the Natural Gas Interstate Pipeline Industry specifically addressing FERC requirements for determining “Just and Reasonable” rates.


B.S. in Accounting, Robert E. Cook Honors College, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA (2003)

Testified Before

Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

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