How Transmission Planning & Cost Allocation Processes are Inhibiting Wind & Solar Development in SPP, MISO, & PJM

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Concentric was engaged to produce a Report, based on interviews with industry stakeholders, to investigate the extent to which transmission planning processes in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (“MISO”), the Southwest Power Pool (“SPP”), and the PJM Interconnection (“PJM”) have deficiencies that are resulting in the under-development of cost-competitive renewable energy projects. This report outlines transmission planning processes in these three regions and presents insights from market participants based on their recent experiences with these processes. This report summarizes deficiencies in Regional Transmission Organization (“RTO”) planning processes that were identified by market participants in each of the RTOs as well as possible remedies.

This Report is substantially based on the candid representations made by key market participants and stakeholders in SPP, MISO, and PJM electric markets, through a series of interviews, conducted in this study. The interviews explored how current transmission planning and cost allocation processes impede renewable energy development in SPP, MISO, and PJM. Concentric has relayed the material content of those interviews in this report. Though we have made every effort to vet and corroborate the information we received in the interviews, the authors cannot attest, endorse, warrant, or assume responsibility for the accuracy or reliability of interview statements received from respondents, which are conveyed in this report. Conclusions reached in this report are the product of those interviews and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc.

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