Natural Gas Infrastructure/Operations Alternatives Advisory

We conducted an analysis on the highest and best use of a local distribution company’s (“LDC”) assets. Specifically, we: Analyzed the value of potential supplemental service offerings and alternative uses of the LDC’s infrastructure in an effort to optimize the utility of these assets while maintaining reliable service to existing customers. Assessed the potential for broader […]

Estimated Energy Market Savings from Additional Pipeline Infrastructure

We provided an independent market assessment and prepared a report describing the potential economic benefits of a proposed natural gas pipeline project to various energy consumers. Our team then supported its study by presenting the scope, methodology and findings to the media and public during a teleconference and roundtable.

Renewable Generation Supply Chain Opportunities in Atlantic Canada

We developed a report on the renewable energy potential in the four Atlantic Provinces.  Our report examined opportunities for Atlantic Canadian firms in the supply chain for various renewable generation technologies including onshore wind, offshore wind, tidal energy, biomass energy and systems to power remote on- and off-grid communities.

Natural Gas Market Analysis

We reviewed and evaluated long-term natural gas supply and demand, existing natural gas pricing dynamics, and future implications associated with new natural gas infrastructure in New England. We evaluated the natural gas demand requirements of local distribution companies and power generators and quantified cost savings that may accrue to energy market participants if new natural […]

Economic Impact Study

As part of our work in a proposed utility merger, our team modeled the broader economic impacts to the impacted state of a proposed electric rate reduction for all the utility’s electric customers using IMPLAN’s macroeconomic input-output model. The IMPLAN analysis quantified the amount of incremental economic activity, employment, and gross regional product generated in […]

Benefits Associated with Incremental Natural Gas Supplies

We produced a high-level forecast of peak demand growth for New York City and Long Island between 2014 and 2020.  We forecasted demand that is in excess of current pipeline and regional peak shaving capacity in 2020; estimated costs associated with serving demand in excess of capacity with i) incremental pipeline expansions back to the Marcellus […]

Certificate of Necessity Support

We supported the client’s process of developing a Certificate of Necessity and Integrated Resource Plan filing for its public service commission for the purpose of receiving approval to build a clean coal project. We reviewed integrated resource plan assumptions, new construction cost estimates, review of Strategist model outputs, overall guidance and assessment of the Certificate […]

Integrated Resource Plan Support

We analyzed the Integrated Resource Plan developed by the client’s state energy and environmental protection agency in order to provide a response to the state on the plan and projected resource needs in the state. Our work involved reviewing assumptions on projected supply side resources and future demand projections to support the client’s position on the need for […]

Demand Forecasting for Forecast and Supply Plan Filings

We have provided a range of demand forecasting services to natural gas distribution companies as part of their Forecast and Supply Plan filings.  Services range from complete integrated resource planning to serving as an outside advisor to internal demand forecasting teams.  Services include: (i) preparing demand forecasts based on customer and use per customer econometric […]

Plant Retirement and Redevelopment

Our utility client owns and operates coal-fired generating stations in the Midwestern U.S. Following the decision to retire certain coal-fired generating assets, the company’s decommissioning team was faced with the challenge of determining how to realize each retired site’s highest and best use. The goal was to find the best use for each site specific […]

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