Valuation Litigation

Concentric was retained by the attorneys of a confidential client related to a reorganization plan filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court and the value of the client pursuant to that reorganization plan.  With less than two weeks of advance preparation, Concentric served as the clients’ sole expert on a key feature of the valuation formula.  The bankruptcy court ruled in favor of our client, and the contested issue had the effect of changing the enterprise value by $500 million.  Contact to learn more.

Meredith C. Stone

How Blockchain Works

Francis X. Pampush

Alexander J. Cochis

Contract and Damages Assessment

We provided a contract and damages assessment in an arbitration case.  The assessment involved contract review and an analysis of damages based on energy and capacity clearing prices versus contract prices.

Leasing Litigation Support

We provided an expert report, rebuttal report, and trial testimony related to uncertainty in valuation and market forces faced by a gas-fired combined heat and power generation facility located outside of Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Our work was filed as part of litigation related to the IRS’ disallowance for tax purposes of a leveraged lease transaction.

Gas Contract Pricing Dispute Support

We provided expert evidence regarding industry standards and contracting practices on behalf of a natural gas consortium (the defendant) in a gas contract pricing dispute with back-billing claims in excess of $100 million. The Court ruled completely in favor of our client.

Spent Nuclear Fuel Litigation Support

We have provided litigation support and expert testimony to clients in six separate legal proceedings before the U.S. Court of Federal Claims on the government’s breach of the Standard Contract for spent nuclear fuel disposal.

We screened and analyzed more than a hundred thousand pages of discovery materials in these cases, advised the clients’ legal teams on alternative approaches to the quantification of damages, developed complex models to value the plants before and after the government’s breach, and analyzed the effects of the breach on the plants’ eventual decommissioning costs.

We submitted expert reports on a range of financial issues relating to the effects of the breach, and has testified on multiple occasions regarding these reports.  While most of these cases are still pending before the Court of Federal Claims, one of our clients has already prevailed and received an award of damages in the tens of millions of dollars.

Power Purchase Agreement Arbitration Support

We provided arbitration dispute services related to three small independent power producers(“IPP”) concerning the price set for renewing power purchase agreement contracts.

The services we provided include opinions on the North East American energy market evolution, prevailing pricing parameters, the reasonableness and fairness of the price offered by the client, how that price compares with the IPPs cost of production, and the value of the environmental attributes rights for small hydropower plants.

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