South Texas Project Transaction: Nuclear Generation and the Clean Energy Transition

Published: June 6, 2023

By: Lisa Quilici, Senior Vice President

On June 1, 2023, NRG Energy and Constellation Energy announced they had entered into a definitive agreement for Constellation to purchase NRG’s equity stake in the South Texas Project Electric Generating Station (STP), highlighting the importance of nuclear generation in the transition to clean energy and a resurgence in an industry that has seen few transactions since the early 2000s.

STP Transaction Highlights

Clean energy transition

Constellation, both the largest nuclear plant operator and—since its separation from Exelon Corp. in 2022—the largest clean energy company in the U.S., identifies nuclear power as an essential part of carbon-free solutions for the clean energy transition.

Constellation is not alone.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change highlighted the important role of nuclear energy, wind, solar, and energy storage in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Nuclear Energy Institute notes the significant role of nuclear energy in meeting carbon-reduction goals, along with energy security and independence. The National Conference of State Legislatures refers to nuclear power as “the backbone of carbon-free electricity in the United States” and reports a significant increase in state legislation supportive of nuclear power. The Biden administration refers to nuclear power as “the nation’s largest source of clean electricity.”

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1 Prior to Constellation Energy’s separation from its former parent, Exelon, Exelon purchased EDF’s 49.99% interest in Constellation Nuclear Group, LLC (CENG) which owned and operated three nuclear power plants—Ginna, Nine Mile Point and Calvert Cliffs.  This transaction was pursuant to a 2014 put agreement which granted EDF the right to sell its interest to its former joint venture partner at fair market value.  EDF completes sale of its interest in CENG.



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