Bryan Hu


Financial Advisory:
Financial due diligence, Investment advisory and due diligence, Merger activities, Regulatory due diligence and merger approval proceedings, Transaction management, Valuations

Future of Energy:
Distributed System Business Model, Heat Pump Implementation Plans

Alternative regulatory models, Cost of capital and return on equity, Cost of service studies (marginal and embedded), Performance benchmarking, Prudence and project management reviews, Rate design, Regulatory strategy, Revenue requirements

Bryan Hu

Senior Consultant

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Summary of Experience

Bryan Hu joined Concentric in July 2019 after graduating from Harvard University. In addition to his degrees in Electrical Engineering and Energy & Environment, Mr. Hu came to Concentric with a strong background in quantitative modeling and corporate sustainability from his internship experience. During his time at Concentric, he has built forecast models related to return on equity, revenue requirements, and the quantification of regulatory initiative impacts.  He also has experience in asset valuation, regulatory precedent and power market research, and electric, gas and water utility due diligence. 


B.A., Electrical Engineering, minor in Energy and Environment, Harvard University


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