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Danielle Powers and Meredith Stone recently submitted comments on the Forward Clean Energy Market Design Proposal (“FCEM Proposal”) released in January 2023 by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (“DOER”).1 They have been extensively involved in the design and operation of the ISO New England (“ISO-NE”) wholesale markets since their inception, with a focus on the ISO-NE capacity markets, and have over 40 years of combined professional experience.

Ms. Powers and Ms. Stone preface their remarks with an acknowledgment of the importance that the DOER has placed on turning worthy decarbonization goals into tangible action with the FCEM Proposal. The proposal recognizes the crucial role that wholesale power markets will play in the transition to a clean power grid and reflects a significant amount of time and effort in creating a new market that incentivizes low-carbon technologies. The region must make progress on tangible solutions if it is going to achieve its stated clean energy goals. The FCEM Proposal is an important step forward in that direction.

1 The views expressed in these comments are solely the current views of Danielle Powers and Meredith Stone (“the Authors”) and do not necessarily reflect the views of Concentric Energy Advisors, Inc., its affiliates, subsidiaries, and related companies, and the clients of Concentric Energy Advisors. The Authors’ views are based upon information the Authors consider reliable at the time of publication.

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