National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation Initial Long-Term Plan

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Concentric Energy Advisors was retained by National Fuel Gas Distribution Corporation (“National Fuel” or “Company”) to perform underlying analyses and prepare a Long-Term Plan report in accordance with the New York Public Service Commission’s May 12, 2022 Order Adopting Gas System Planning Process, and to demonstrate National Fuel’s commitment to pursuing responsible greenhouse gas emissions reductions, enhancing the resilience of the energy supply system, and delivering safe, reliable, and affordable energy service to approximately 540,000 customers across a population of more than 1.6 million people1 in western New York.

Ensuring reliable, resilient, and affordable energy for heating is especially important in National Fuel’s service territory. National Fuel’s approach to decarbonization is influenced by the fact that approximately 90% of its 505,000 residential customers rely on natural gas for heating and the communities it serves experience longer winters with some of the coldest temperatures in New York. On these cold winter days, gas represents approximately 94% of a typical residential customer’s energy use. As such, a plan that contemplates alternative sources of energy to meet the peak winter demands of National Fuel’s service territory must ensure that the source and delivery capabilities are as reliable as today’s natural gas system.

1 Values obtained from 2020 US Census data for each community within National Fuel’s service territory.

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